Meet a real Berliner


I‘ve always been fascinated by those who can hold an audience captive. To make people stop and marvel, to make them feel something, to breathe life into a story that has the power to evoke all kinds of emotions.

Born and raised by my dad, an East-Berliner and my mom, a true West-Berlin wild child, I grew up in the city on the Spree when there wasn’t a Berghain but lots of jean jackets and oversized sweaters. My Bachelor’s degree gave me the perfect excuse to leave my beloved - but at times chilly city - and study in Los Angeles, city of angels, dreamers and make-believers, where I met a couple of advertising wizards and other creatives of all creed and color.

Today, I combine my love for creative storytelling and pop culture to bring brands to life and tell stories that add a little bit of sparkle to our sometimes grey everyday. As a podcast enthusiast, nerd, some might even say, I enjoy staying up to date on the latest movies and TV shows, weird scientific discoveries and this universe that is called design. When I’m not rummaging vintage markets for rare finds, wandering through art galleries, or riding the U-Bahn emerged in a book, you are very likely to find me on my yoga mat, chaturangaing to the best of my ability.